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Cannabis Not Next Door

Call DEA and Washington State Patrol for tips related to all illegal cannabis grow bussinesses in residential neighborhoods. 

DEA  206-553-5443

DEA: 206-553-5443

These cannabis grows are not licensed and are a hazard to national health safety and security.  

Transcribed from TV News...

They may look like any other house on the block, but some single family homes are providing a cover for major pot grows.


Dennis Robertson: They are destroying neighborhoods for a quick buck and that is just wrong. We need to find a way to stop it.


Tonight the change is coming that could force them out of the neighborhood. Pot growers are packing empty houses with plants because state law does not consider this a crime. But the city of Tukwila is working to close a loophole. Kiro News David Ham is at one of the houses that police busted and David, Some neighbors did not know about the pot grows. Yes, because from the outside the house does not seem unusual. There is a car in the driveway and a fence right over here. Inside cops said they found rooms filled with pot plants. Police also found more than 200 plants inside this house.


Dennis Robertson: It is a difficult thing to deal with.


City Councilman Dennis Robertson said this is happening not only here but across King County. He said pot growers are buying homes just for growing.


Dennis Robertson: They are picking houses because it is much more difficult for police and cities to go in and check houses.


The home owner of this house who did not want his face shown he told us he is allowed to have 45 plants for medicinal purposes for himself and for others under what is called a medical marijuana collective.


Bottom line… where you selling these plants? Were you growing this pot to sell it ?


No, all of these plants were for my own personal use.


King County declined to file felony charges because prosecutors said that current laws are not completely clear on this type of growing, however that will change next July when collective gardens will be outlawed in the state and replaced with a more defined system called cooperatives. Robertson can’t wait for that solution to be enacted.


Dennis Robertson: They destroy the house. They bring crime into the neighborhoods.


The home owner tells me he is still growing 45 pot plants inside his house but the city is working on getting a court order to get him to stop growing altogether.





Contact: Regis Costello 





Purchase a polo shirt Cannabis Not Next Door

with embroidered logo and keep Washington

evergreen and free of unlawful marijuana growers.

Send us an email request and we will send you a shirt.

$26.00 plus shipping and tax.



Purchase a Cannabis Not Next Door shirt with embroidered logo and keep

Washington evergreen and free of unlawful marijuana growers.

 Send us an email request and we will send you a shirt. 

                                                                                       $26.00 plus shipping and tax.































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